Testing and Monitoring

Testing and Monitoring

Continuous evaluation of student learning is an integral part of the instructional process in the SABIS® Network. Frequent testing is conducted in order to evaluate student learning and permit timely, positive intervention. Testing students in this way has a number of very important advantages:

  • Students learn to perform well under the pressure of time and other constraints
  • Students develop the ability to focus and to sustain concentration for increasingly long periods
  • Feedback from testing allows close monitoring and follow-up


Diagnostic Tests are

  • Administered to all new, incoming students
  • Academic "x-rays" to detect pre-existing gaps in knowledge
  • Used to determine grade level placement
  • Determine English/math level or readiness to leave intensives classes


The SABIS Academic Monitoring System® (SABIS® AMS)

  • Begins in Grade 3 in both mathematics and English
  • Checks student learning and long-term retention
  • Evaluates students' grasp of essential concepts
  • Include multiple-choice questions with answers recorded on "bubble sheets"
  • Are computer-scored
  • Count for 20% of a student's total grade in a given subject


Periodic Exams

  • Help to isolate "gaps" in student learning
  • Monitor student’s mastery of essential concepts
  • Serve as a re-teaching guide for teachers
  • Test concepts taught in the last three weeks
  • Begin in Grade 1
  • Provide results which are sent home within 2 weeks of the exam



IAAC has a school uniform policy that requires students to be in uniform. School uniforms help to foster a sense of community, eliminate competition among students, and offer families some economic relief. Not adhering to the school uniform policy is considered a violation of school rules and the consequences will follow the procedural guidelines for behavior infractions. Students are to be in uniform at all times.

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